What is natural wine?

Natural wine is made from grapes unsprayed with pesticides or herbicides. It also undergoes a natural fermentation process without any additives. Depending on the winemaker, natural wine contains zero to minimal sulphites (so it tastes similar from when it was bottled to when it gets in your glass).

Simply put, it’s fermented grape juice without the nasties.


Who is it for?

Thanks to the natural fermentation process, natural wine is funky, unconventional, tasty and strangely delicious. Anyone who enjoys drinking and discovering new tastes will enjoy it. No special nose, knowledge or fancy words are required. Just an open mind.


Why do you only sell sets?

The world of natural wine is vast and fascinating. By evolving our selections monthly, we hope you can discover more of what the world has to offer without the added stress of choice paralysis.


What goes inside each set?

Our sets are put together based on events. By doing so, we hope to add an element of surprise when the box arrives at your door. Rest assured that every bottle that goes inside each set has been savoured by our team—only the best makes the cut.


How often do the sets shuffle?

Monthly. However, if you would like to receive wines that you have previously tasted, please write to us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


What is that stuff at the bottom of the bottle?

Our selections typically come unfined and unfiltered. You may notice that they have a cloudy appearance along with sediment at the bottom of the bottle. This sediment is actually yeast cells and grape solids which are crystalized. They are completely harmless. We recommend gently tipping the bottom upside down and lightly swirling it to jar the sediment loose throughout the bottle then right side up thus allowing letting the larger crystals fall to bottom.

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