Meet These Natural Wine Producers #4

Embark on an oenological journey with ThatWineIsMine’s latest curated selection, Wine Box #24. This collection is not just an assemblage of fine wines; it is a narrative of passion, a story woven through the dedication of vintners who blend tradition with innovation. Each bottle within this box is a chapter that speaks to the heart and soul poured into the craft by its maker. As we uncork these stories, we invite you to delve into the lives of the artisans who have dedicated their lives to the art of winemaking.

Justin Dutraive (France)

The story of Justin Dutraive is one of legacy and innovation. Growing up in the vineyards of his renowned father, Jean-Louis Dutraive, Justin was immersed in the world of winemaking from a young age. After completing his studies and gaining experience abroad, he launched his own label in 2015, carrying forward the family tradition with a fresh perspective. His wines, like ‘Les Tours,’ embody a balance of playfulness and depth, reflecting Justin’s respect for his heritage and his own creative approach to viticulture.

Martin & Anna Arndorfer (Austria)

Martin Andorfer, a visionary vintner born in 1983, honed his craft at prestigious institutions and wineries across Europe and Australia. After inheriting vineyards in Kamptal and Straß, he and Anna, from the distinguished Weingut Steininger, founded ‘Martin & Anna Andorfer’. Their wines, acclaimed for their quality, have graced the tables of the celebrated Danish restaurant noma. This recognition underscores the Andorfers’ blend of tradition and innovation in winemaking.

Fabrice Dodane (France)

In the picturesque Jura region of France, the legacy of Domaine de Saint Pierre was gracefully inherited by Fabrice Dodane in 2011. Following the unfortunate passing of the founder, Philippe Moyne, Fabrice took the helm with a deep commitment to organic and biodynamic viticulture, earning the estate its organic certification just a year later. The Dos d’Chat series, born from the adversity of a hailstorm, showcases the resilience and innovation of this winery.

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