How to store and enjoy Natural wine?

There are many ways to enjoy natural wine. Here are some recommendations: 

Serving Tips

  1. Open the bottle 3–4 hours before serving to release any unpleasant odours.
  2. Discard 1–2 teaspoons of wine. This creates a larger surface area within the bottle for the wine to oxygenate and soften—it is for the greater good.
  3. Without re-corking, store the bottle back in the chiller upright.

     * For heavy reds, it’s a good idea to decant the wine to oxygenate and liberate the flavors


  • Red, White, Orange (Amber) & Rosè 12 – 15 °C
  • Pét-Nats (Sparkling) 8 – 10 °C


How to open the unique bottles

  • Crown type: Open it with a bottle opener
  • Wax-sealed type: Insert the sommelier knife screw directly over the wax without cracking or scraping. When the cork is lifted, remove the wax from the jar by hand (to prevent wax fragments from getting inside the bottle when the cork comes off). Unplug as it is.

The wine is cloudy or has a lot of sediment, is that okay?

Cloudiness does not allude to issues with quality and there is no harm in drinking sediment. Depending on the winemaker, some wines are not filtered to retain the original flavours of the grapes. In fact, these wines have condensed tastes.

However, if it bothers you, we suggest keeping the bottle of wine for few days and wait for the sediment to submerge to the bottom of the bottle before drinking You may also try decanting. There is also a type of wine that you can enjoy as a turbid wine.

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